Purple Diesel

SO to start off with this blog, I would love to give a shout out to my girl Crystal at Mankind. So to you Crystal a big Thank you from yours truly Knoxo… P.S: Awesome Hair!   Purple Diesel is essential when it comes to the experience of Cannabis. I am in other words shocked when […]

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Create #301 (Candescent)

  To begin with the Candescent Collection I wanted something that would help me focus, specifically with writing and cooking. A friend suggested I try out “The Candescent Series” I went to a Dispensary the day after my friend suggested the brand to me; I figured i would give this a try, usually when it […]

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WHAT AM I DOING?!?! Better question is How am I going to do it?? I am Kaden, 21 years old, New to the San Diego area. I work as a Freelance Marketer and Blogger for Cannabis Products. I love to check out the new dispensaries as well as try out some of the new products […]

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